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Description:   UADL is a collection of Windows DLLs that enable a developer to easly create complex applications. It includes a very powerful Game Engine [C++], Network Support [C#], and various other tools [C++/C#] to ease almost any development project.

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LabVIEW Development Tools (LDT) A collection of productivity tools to simplify LabVIEW Application Development and Deployment.

Ruby-GNOME Language Bindings This project is a set of Ruby language bindings for the various application development libraries included with the GNOME environment, most importantly the GTK+ widget toolkit.This project has been obsolete. See Ruby-GNOME2 project instead.

AppDepot - Application Management Portal Secure Portal framework supporting rapid application development, INDEPENDENT of language. A PHP and mysql app that provides a secure portal environment, multiple LDAP support, user and application management, activity logger and reports in one porta Rapid application developmentLanguage agnosticMultiple LDAP source support

Architecture Application Framework Architecture Application Framework is JavaEE Web Application Development Framework. Rapid Development Using Struts Wrapping Framework and Extends Apache Commons DBUtil JDBC Framework.

Crme: A Java Addition Java tools for advanced applications.This project provides support libraries to improve efficiency, quality and speed of application developments.It also provides White Papers relating the contributors practices for application development.

Fast Application Development Client FAD saves your time in programming applications that formerly might taken weeks or months to develop. The framework comes with a fully configured and ready-to-use cross-platform application environment for running on the major used platforms.

JDSML Web Application Engine JDSML Web Application Engine is a view oriented, java based web application development framework, aiming to enable you develop web application in a shortest amount of time and maintain them as simple web pages.

Rainbow Eiffel The RainbowEiffel project aims to provide an Eiffel IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and associated libraries (GUI, database, etc.) for application development in Eiffel using SmartEiffel compiler on Win32 and Linux/UNIX platforms.

Rapid Application Development in .NET This project explores the use of Open source and freeware code generations tools in .NET world and gives example applications for each product. Going forward more and more tools be evaulated and sample application will be provided.

SmalleB - A Small eBusiness Application This is to develop a small eBusiness Application that incorporates all the best practices in building a true J2EE based Internet application. The purpose of this application is to serve as a tutorial to learn Java based web application development techniq

Unitag Unitag is a language-independent Unicode-based part-of-speech tagging system. Written entirely in ANSI-compatible C, it should (in theory) compile on any OS, but has been tested on 32-bit Windows.

Units Conversion Library Provides functions to convert quantity strings into appropriately scaled floating point numbers. Useful to Tcl/SWIG/C/C++ application developers who wish to permit users to enter quantities with units, such as "20 miles/hour" or "200pF".

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